At Alacura, we're dedicated to offering patients the best medical transport services possible.

Alacura is the first and only medical transportation management company dedicated to simplifying air and ground transportation. We were born from a drive to streamline the patient experience during ambulance transfers and to stop abuse and mismanagement in the medical transportation industry.

Our solution has created a partnership between health plans, air and ground ambulance providers, and healthcare facilities resulting in an improved process for transporting a patient.

Alacura provides a total benefit management solution where utilization review, network organization, and claims administration meld. Through this multi-pronged approach, we are able to provide unique transportation solutions to all stakeholders involved.


Alacura has a national network of credentialed Airplane and ground transportation providers ready to be dispatched for your transport needs. The air transportation component is operated by participating FAA and DOT licensed air carriers. Our claims administrators are uniquely experienced with ambulance claims administration and our team of Utilization Review experts are at the ready to ensure fair and timely handling of prospective and retrospective medical review.

Alacura's Mission

  • To help patients gain access to vital healthcare services by assisting in the arranging and coordination of medical travel services.
  • To work closely with health care payers to ensure that the services they are sponsoring are cost effective and clinically appropriate.
  • To simplify the process for patients, managing their experience from bedside-to-bedside.
  • To partner with our network providers to ensure the highest level of care for the patient.
  • To help build our providers businesses by reducing inefficiencies, connecting them with patients and paying promptly for the services they have provided.
  • To hold ourselves and our partners to the highest clinical and industry standards.

We consider every detail when preparing a safe, comfortable medical transfer and integrate seamlessly with a health plan’s medical protocols, claims, eligibility and customer service systems and processes with the following six part approach.

Our patient transport coordinators include clinicians, case managers and other healthcare experts who understand complex medical conditions, personalize service for each patient and support them physically, mentally and emotionally mile by mile from facility-to-facility.

  1. Manage all intake for members requiring medical transport, 24/7/365.
  2. Verify eligibility and pre-authorization through the Alacura medical transport hotline.
  3. Maintain negotiated in-network rates of qualified medical transportation providers, and negotiate & reprice out-of-network claims. Providers of air transportation services are licensed DOT and FAA air carriers.
  4. Determine the optimal mode of transportation to avoid inappropriate usage and align incentives with health plans.
  5. Work directly with health plan members, discharging and receiving providers to coordinate care, scheduling, and logistics within the member’s benefit and health plan medical protocols.
  6. Conduct monthly analytics regarding utilization, claims expense, and customer satisfaction.

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