Alacura Medical Transportation Benefit Management is partnering with health plans and their network partners to provide valuable solutions to the increasing costs and frustrations associated with the medical transportation industry.

Medical transport costs have been soaring faster than medical inflation

Payors have been out maneuvered by out of network ambulance providers and most have no idea it’s happening.

Prehospital care has evolved substantially, diminishing the need for air medical transportation

Medical Management needs specific and unique guidelines in Air Transport.

Benefit plans need modifications to utilize the Science of Medical Transport in order to safeguard members and payers.

Many air providers have consolidated. There are now a handful of very large, nationally owned companies with multibillion dollar valuations that have chosen to decline any managed care contracts in order to retain their control over fee schedules and billing practices.

The Science of Medical Transport is not being implemented by payers

EMS Study shows the following:
85% of emergent Air transports from accident scenes were for minor injuries in CA study
34% of patients were discharged within hours of being flown to hospital
100% of site to site air transports showed no change in clinical outcomes

Alacura Medical Transportation Benefit Management specializes in providing comprehensive solutions. With expertise in the Transportation sector, Alacura serves health plans and their members by taking clinical, financial, and administrative responsibility for air and ground medical transportation. By focusing on this one specialty, we can apply resources and leverage technology that is not traditionally available within the health plan organization.

We have the only national network of credentialed fixed-wing and ground transportation providers.