Our patient transport coordinators include clinicians, case managers and other
healthcare experts who understand complex medical conditions, personalize service
or each patient and support them physically, mentally and emotionally mile by mile
from facility-to-facility.

We consider every detail when preparing a safe, comfortable medical transfer and
integrate seamlessly with a health plan’s medical protocols, claims, eligibility
and customer service systems and processes with the following six-part approach.

1. Manage all intake for members requiring non-emergency medical transport, 24/7/365.

2. Verify eligibility and pre-authorization through the Alacura medical transport
hotline via our integrated customer service IT platform.

3. Maintain negotiated in-network rates of qualified medical transportation
providers, and negotiate & reprice out-of-network claims. Providers of air transportation services are licensed DOT and FAA air carriers.

4. Determine optimal mode of transportation to avoid inappropriate usage and
align incentives with health plans. Work directly with health plan members, discharging and
receiving providers to coordinate care, scheduling and logistics within the member’s benefit
and health plan medical protocols.

5. Conduct monthly analytics regarding utilization, claims expense, and
customer satisfaction.

6. Integrate seamlessly with Alacura’s plug and play technology platform.