Over the last several years we have seen a significant increase in costs for Air Ambulance services and the vast majority of these services are conducted by out-of-network providers. Without your knowledge, your patients may be exposed to extreme financial burden when health care services are performed by out-of-network providers due to higher deductibles, coinsurance, and unregulated balance billing.

Your focus is on protecting your patient’s health.
Let us help protect them from financial hardship.

Alacura is your IN-NETWORK SOLUTION for Air Ambulance transportation!

With our expanded client base, you can now contact Alacura for ANY Air Ambulance transportation request for patients with commercial insurance.

We will ensure their transport is executed at an in-network benefit level, either through direct Alacura contracts or those of one of our vast network of ambulance providers. This reduces the financial obligation of patients and their families and will help maintain the facility’s relationship with their contracted payors by referring within the network; a requirement for most contracts. Remember – even with a PPO plan, the member must be given the opportunity to use an in-network provider if available.

Our patient transport coordinators include clinicians, case managers and other
healthcare experts who understand complex medical conditions. We personalize service for each patient and support them physically, mentally and emotionally mile-by-mile from facility-to-facility.

Advantages of preauthorizing fixed wing transportation utilizing Alacura to contract with the licensed air carrier

Simplified, Comprehensive Process

Transport assignments, benefits coordination, and facility-to-facility care accessed through one call

Experienced transport coordinators at Alacura manage the patient-centered process

Domestic and international transport is available


Managed Costs for your Patient

Alacura works directly with insurance companies determining coverage and eligibility

Use of an in network provider reduces the high out-of-pocket costs and balance billing that often occurs with out-of-network provider

Full transparency: all benefits and estimated member deductibles or co-pays will be discussed with the patient prior to the flight

Peace of Mind

Alacura is committed to improving the overall medical transportation experience for patients, care-givers, facilities, and insurers

Every transport in Alacura’s network is staffed with patient-focused clinicians

All providers in the Alacura network meet stringent credentialing standards including DOT and FAA licenses thereby ensuring the highest level of care and safety