The Commercial Insurance reimbursement world is changing for ambulance providers as payors struggle to minimize the impact of increasing transportation costs while providers are forced to increase rates to cover expenses not compensated by government reimbursement and indigent patients. Alacura is working diligently to bridge the gap between payors and ambulance providers in an effort to stabilize the medical transportation industry.

Through our contracts with payors and specialty networks, we become both the Preferred In-Network Provider and the coordinator of all Fixed Wing and corresponding ground ambulance transportation. Members of the Alacura provider network have access to transport opportunities through these exclusive client relationships including contracts with DOT and FAA licensed air carriers.

Our Commitment to Providers

Increased Transport Volume

Alacura receives transport requests directly from our clients and the facilities within their network. By distributing them to our network providers, you will receive transports outside of the normal referral stream.

Free Marketing

Alacura works with hospitals around the country giving our network providers direct marketing exposure as a premier provider.

Eliminate Claims, Authorizations, and Collection Hassles

Alacura handles all payor and facility interfacing, which allows your team to focus strictly on providing quality care.
All patient agreements, explanation of benefits, and co-payment collections are handled by Alacura coordinators.

Guaranteed Payment

Regardless of the payor, Alacura assumes all risk and guarantees payment at your contracted rate within 30 days.

Join the Network

Alacura is expanding our network of both ground and air ambulance providers around the country for both domestic and international transports.

Alacura is committed to providing unparalleled medical transportation services to every patient it serves. We would like to see you in our provider network!

To join this elite group, request an Application and Credentialing Requirements from