Our patient transport coordinators include clinicians, case managers and other
healthcare experts who understand complex medical conditions, personalize service
for each patient and support them physically, mentally and emotionally mile by
mile from facility-to-facility.

We talk the language of healthcare providers, patients and health
plans, which allows them to quickly and effectively bridge natural
gaps that exist in the healthcare system.

We consider every detail when preparing a safe, comfortable medical
transfer and integrate seamlessly with a health plan’s medical protocols,
claims, eligibility and customer service systems and processes.

The only thing a referring healthcare provider needs to do is call
one number, and Alacura takes care of the rest.

Think of Alacura for

Facility-to-Facility ground and air non-emergency medical transfers
for specialized treatment with advanced life support equipment,
medications and specially trained medical transport crew.

Domestic and international service with medical flights to rehabilitation
facilities and other special facilities around the world and medical
transports for hospice and palliative care.

Acute and specialty care for virtually any medical condition, such as
neonatal transport, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries,
post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injuries,
respiratory illness, cancer patients and burn and wound patients.

Deliver an unparalleled level of care and personalized
service for the patients we serve, make it easy for
healthcare providers to connect discharging patients
with non-emergency medical transportation, while
coordinating with health plans to ensure benefits
coverage and that their medical protocols are followed.